Happy Birthday Didi!

So, little Delphi turned one this week… I can’t believe how quickly the past year has gone. It seems like just yesterday the babe was born, a teeny, tiny 2.7kgs of cuddles.  She made our family feel complete from the second she arrived and Anouk fell in love with her instantly. I love watching the friendship between the sisters grow and being only 19 months apart, it’s really easy for them to play and make mischief together.

I made Didi this crown seeing as she was the Birthday Queen.

I made Didi a crown to wear seeing as she was the Birthday Queen.

At one year of age, Didi is right on the cusp of walking, says a handful of words that include, up (because she always wants a cuddle), down (which usually comes after she has said up and executed a kind of jump), I’m hungry (because she is always freaking hungry), cake (duh) and mine (thanks Anouk).  She loves making mess, eating dirt, sushi, dancing and her sister.

Birthday selfie!

Birthday selfie.

Yesterday we had a little celebration ahead of her big bash this weekend.  After having our plans for a carousel ride foiled, we ended up taking a cake and some sushi down to the Sculpture Garden at the NGA for a roam around in the sun and some Rodin action.

photo 4-2

We were lucky enough for my brother, one of my sisters and my mum (obviously not pictured) to join us for the cake!

It ended up being the perfect afternoon and we stayed a couple of hours looking at the outdoor sculptures (only going indoors for a visit to the parents room and a look at the shop).  It was the first time Delphi has been able to get properly involved in the experience and I think her favourite thing was the Baldessin in the Gallery’s foreground.  I’m not sure George meant for it to be used as drums, but Delphi sure thought they were fun!

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIDI!!! We love you very, very much.

Entering the Skyspace. (TURRELL, James, Within without (2010) )

Entering the Skyspace. (TURRELL, James, Within without (2010))

Looking straight up.

Looking straight up.

It was about 3.30pm when I took this.

It was about 3.30pm when I took this.

Inside the Skyspace.

Inside the Skyspace.

photo 5-3


Hello and Snow Day.

Greetings! It seems I’ve totally fallen off the old blog wagon again. Let’s be honest, it was amazing I made it halfway through the 52 Project! As much as I liked taking part, I find it really difficult to remember to take photos half the time. Often, it would get to Friday and I would feel forced to capture something to share. I know I’ve said it before, I am not interested in being a photographer… I’m also really aware of not having the camera in my kids’ faces all the time and I feel in order to get one good shot a week, you really need to be taking a lot of crap ones too!

Anyway, I did get my trusty phone camera out recently when it snowed at our place!  I’ve already posted some images on Instagram, so please bear with me if you’ve already seen them. The strangest thing about the snow, was not it occurring, but the fact that when Anouk saw it, she yelled, “SNOOOOOOOOOW”, despite never having seen it before. Apparently Playschool is a great teacher!








The very next day (once the snow had melted and it was warmer again), Nick installed our fireplace! It’s a pity it wasn’t in beforehand, but at least now we get to stay toasty warm when it’s -7 in the morning. I’m so happy to have a wood heater, our split system didn’t have enough power to heat the whole sitting room (it’s pretty open plan around here) and the cost of using it all Winter was astronomical. Also, wood fires are awesome and cosy and I get to flex my muscles carrying wood.



So that’s that. It’s little Didi’s first birthday this week… can you believe it’s been a year already! It seems like yesterday I was shaking my head in disbelief that she was born so quickly (compared to Anouk at least) and was so teeny tiny despite being 5 days overdue. We wanted to take her on the carousal for her birthday, but sadly, it’s closed for maintenance. If anyone has any suggestions of something fun we can do for her (preferably outdoors and not the zoo) let me know!

Have a great weekend friends!

P.S. Last time it snowed here was October a couple of years ago, before we lived here.

P.P.S. I’m going to attempt to grow my own sourdough starter this weekend! I’ll try to remember to update le blog with my results.

P.P.P.S.  On a completely unrelated note, does anyone else find it hard to remember that there’s only one space between sentences in these modern times. Bring back two, I say!

27 & 28/52

I’m blaming Winter for my slackness in posting a photo last week… better late than never, right?!


They were most certainly doing something naughty just before I took this.

They were most certainly doing something naughty just before I took this.


Anouk already bosses Delphi around - just like any good big sister!

Anouk already bosses Delphi around – just like any good big sister!

A portrait of my daughters, once a week, every week in 2014.

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A love song to a hat.

A pointy little pixie hat
Making kids look sweet
They run and skip through winter days
Warm, in cold wind and sleet.


This little bonnet is one of my favourite things to knit, so much so, I have lost count of how many I have made.

This was the first Pixie I knitted.  Way back in 2011 before Anouk was born.

This was the first Pixie I knitted. Way back in 2011 before Anouk was born.

It’s super simple to make – basically, you knit a rectangle on straight needles, fold it in half and seam it together using kitchener stitch, add something to tie it up with and you’re good to go.

It can be knit up in any size yarn in wool, silk or cotton depending on the climate and can be sized up or down to fit any size head (this is great for me seeing as Anouk has an adult sized head and kid hats rarely fit!)

Delphi, the cutest pixie ever.

Delphi, the cutest pixie ever.

Every time I dress the girls in their bonnets they get so many compliments.  There’s something super cute about making kids look like woodland pixies, their faces framed and a little pointy bit poking up at the back of their head.  It’s also great that little ears are covered on super cold days, of which we have many at the moment.

Anouk modelling a recent version (Sarah, if you're reading this, it will be in the mail next week!)

Anouk modelling a recent version (Sarah, if you’re reading this, it will be in the mail next week!)

Anyway, you can find the pattern here (if you’re on Ravelry) and here (if you’re not).   If you’re not a knitter, you can purchase them, and some other gorgeous styles at Typically Red on Etsy.



I just realised I completely forgot to post a picture last week.  Whoops.  Here we are though, halfway.

They really love playing together and it's adorable seeing Didi trying to keep up with what her big sissy is doing.

They really love playing together and it’s adorable seeing Didi trying to keep up with what her big sissy is doing.

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Dear Girls – Going bush for a birthday.

Dear Girls,

Last week was your Dada’s birthday.  Seeing as he had a pretty crappy start to the year, I decided to plan an extra special day, doing all the fun things he loves to do.  He’s not an easy man to buy presents for, but he does enjoy the simple things, family, nature, cake and home cooked meals so that’s what we gave him.


We started the morning with big cuddles and egg and bacon muffins.  Delphi, I believe this was your favourite part of the day as you ate more bacon than is right for a 10 month old.

With bellies full and morning tea packed we all piled in the car and headed off to explore Bungonia State Conservation Area.  Rather than head up the highway, we took the long route around the back of Lake George where you, Anouk were able to see some wind turbines. You’re amazed every time you see them… maybe you’ll be an environmental scientist of some sort when you grow up!

Family selfie.  The girl genes are strong around here.

Family selfie. The girl genes are strong around here.

Delphi, in your typical style, you slept the entire way, which was probably lucky seeing as Anouk is going through a stage where every time she sees a cow or sheep she yelled, “COOOOOOW” or “BAAAAAAAAAAAA” at the top of her voice until we acknowledged them or her. I’m still not sure what the point is… but when you’re 2 and a half it doesn’t matter what your mama thinks.



The rock formations were a cubists dream.  Figurative, Non-figurartive art... or something!

The rock formations were a cubist’s dream. Figurative, Non-figurartive art… or something!

Anyway, the Forest was great for small kids.  There’s a few lookouts that you can drive right up to and being a Wednesday, we only saw one other person.  We spent a bit of time exploring at each lookout and sat down in the sun for some birthday cake.  Didi, you got to crawl free, and eat leaves like there was no tomorrow and Anouk, you fell in love with a big rock and couldn’t stop cuddling it.




On the way back, we stopped in the town of Bungonia so I could take a look at the old Catholic Church.  It has some really pretty lead light windows and an air of sadness to it.  With so much more beauty in its grey walls than many of the monstrosities being built today, it made me thankful for heritage listings.


I’m thinking of painting my front door this colour.



Afterwards we drove back via Braidwood where we had a sandwich and a look at the op shop before heading home for a nice dinner and more cake. Once home the best present of the day occurred when Delphi, you started walking with your little trolley!  Well done young thing, a happy birthday present indeed.

Thanks for a fun day girls, love Mama. x

P.S. For anyone interested, this was the cake, however I used 1/2 a cup of figs and 1/2 a cup of dates and didn’t ice it.

A good way to spend a day.

Even though I live in the country, one of my favourite things to do is take a drive to the country. It’s something that Nick and I started doing when we lived in Melbourne as there were so many different towns and landscapes to explore outside of the city limits.  Now that we live back in the Canberra Region, we don’t want to forget that there are acres upon acres of mountains, farms, rivers and bush to experience in our own backyard.

When my sister recently visited, we got up one morning and headed off down the highway to check out the Long Track Pantry at Jugiong.  I have been meaning to go since my friend Skye recommended it and some of you may remember I blogged about it here, when I shared their brownie recipe.


On the way out we stopped in Yass where we visited a couple of op shops.  Happily, they were both stocked with a variety of extremely quality items at proper op shop prices and we each came home with a few bits and pieces.

One of my finds.

I was immediately drawn to the myriad of greens the artist used.

By the time Jugiong was reached both babes were sleeping and so Ali and I drove through the verdant hills and took in the peace and quiet.  We were blessed with a bright, sunny Winter’s day that really showcased the beauty of the landscape and in many directions we could see sheep and cows dotting the paddocks and here and there we caught a glimpse of the Murrumbidgee River sparkling its way back towards home.






When we finally pulled up to the Long Track, we indulged in a steak sandwich, a ploughman’s lunch, hummus and bread and some giant hundreds and thousands.  Every morsel was divine and the steak was cooked perfectly rare.

After lunch we grabbed some takeaway coffees (which were excellent) and headed across the road to the playground to work off some steam before heading home.


The trip was an easy one with our destination just a hop, skip and a jump from home and sealed roads the entire way. I’m looking forward to heading back down there for lunch again soon as there were some great looking desserts we didn’t get around to tasting.

Ready to go home!

Ready to go home!